View Full Version : write back cache with ssd's= no no!

05-16-10, 07:37 PM
I was using the intel rapid storage tech while reinstalling windows lately with a 200gb raid 0 ssd array. I decided to try turning the write back cache on the array in the intel storage manager. What I found out is it writes something on the disk like a raid array setup would because I have reinstalled windows 2-3 times due to major upgrades and trying the flash the ssd's (see my sig for what they are) and I noticed that write back cache was still there. Lately I have been having troubles booting my system. Like one drive in the raid array is missing at 1st then finally the second drive shows error occurred during post when it did show up. I curiously went back to the storage after windows finally booted and noticed there was an x through the second drive. The option in intel's software was to make the ssd normal(it what it said normal to click on) again. So I did this and everything is now fine,whew (with the write back cache turning when I made drive normal). Thoughts of RMA went through my head for a hour or two. So you guys with ssd's, DO NOT turn on write back cache in intel's rapid storage tech (or in some cases matrix storage manager, they are the same thing, rapid storage tech is the new name for it) software. For you AMD guys, I don't if there is something equivalent, but if there is, don't touch it for ssd's.

05-16-10, 07:47 PM
I've had it on in my raid array since day one. No problems, and a huge speed increase.