View Full Version : News Just In: A Single Slot GTX 470 from Galaxy

05-19-10, 11:10 AM
More... (http://www.anandtech.com/show/3731/news-a-single-slot-gtx-470-from-galaxy)

05-21-10, 04:45 PM
Eek... nothing good can come of that.

It uses 8+6 pin power too. That thing is going to run HOT.

05-21-10, 04:55 PM
My thoughts as well. I'd rather have dual slot coolers for every GPU. I've replaced the single slot coolers and several cards before to lower the noise and temps.

What really needs to happen is someone needs to create a new form factor with the GPU in mind. Rather than having 7 slots on a board there really only needs to be 2 or 3. Then take create some type of pluggable interface that provides all of the connections, so all you do is slide the GPU into the chassis. Then you could have different chassis configurations for the number of GPUs you want. (I'm thinking like 120 x 120mm squares with a fan on the end, and maybe only 8" long then.) Either that or make another board with a socket for the GPU, upgradeable GDDR memory, and board. Chances are that won't work as well though.