View Full Version : Lock-On..Flight Sim

07-20-03, 10:18 AM
This game looks like its gonna rock if you like flight sims..Its been a while since Ive played one..I might have to pull out the ol' joystick for this one..

Link (http://www.lo-mac.com/)

Video :eek: (ftp://ftp.ubisoft.com/games/lomac/media/su-27vf-14_vid.zip)

07-20-03, 11:41 AM
I've been peeping this for a while now, I can't wait. There are very few games like this anymore for the PC...

07-22-03, 08:42 AM
I love flight sims and have been waiting for this a year now because of all the delays. They better make it the best flight sim ever. Got my trusty firestorm trustmaster ready.