View Full Version : Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.1 Now With Stereoscopic 3D Support

05-25-10, 12:00 PM

We already know that the Unigine engine is stereoscopic 3D ready, but in the latest Unigine Heaven Benchmark version 2.1 this feature of the engine is being demonstrated. In the new version of the engine benchmark called Heaven there is an option to officially enable stereoscopic 3D rendering with the stereo 3D modes support being: anaglyph, separate images, 3D Vision and iZ3D. Iā??m still wondering what exactly does the ā??separate imagesā?? mean, as at first I thought it refers to Side by Side mode, but it it not and I donā??t see any difference in the image when running the benchmark in it. Other than that the Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.1 really looks great in stereo 3D mode, as Iā??ve tried the 2.0 version with 3D Vision and there were still some visual flaws. In the latest 3D Vision driver there is also a profile for the Unigine Heaven Benchmark. I was also quite surprised to see a native implementation for the iZ3D Monitors that does not require you to have the iZ3D Driver installed on your PC and the Unigine Heaven Benchmark also does look quite good with itā?¦

- To download the new Unigine Heaven Benchmark version 2.1 with S3D Support (http://www.unigine.com/download/)

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