View Full Version : Anyone using a Prolink PV 5900U?

07-20-03, 11:43 PM
Just wondering. They look cool and a great price. :)

What is there clock speeds?
The box says Ultimate high clock rate.

07-21-03, 12:42 AM
Eeeeeeehhhhhhh.... I dunno i had a MX 440 of theirs b/c it was cheapest. It lasted for about a year or so then it would lock up quite a but in graphic intensive apps especially MOHAA and the Unreal Editor. :confused: But hey i may have just got a bad card never tried RMA b/c all the fookin pple i talked to kept spoutin Jap at me. lol

Do take into account this is just one person with probs. See if anyone at newegg has reviewed it. I have an evga 5900 Ultra and love it.

[EDIT] Here are some of the reviews, sounds nice to me all copper heatsink too. All reviews are 5-star positive

N/A,7/14/2003 8:17:40 PM

Received this card 3 hrs ago - never had Prolink card before. The card is of a very high quality and looks awesome. Running it on A7N8X DLX rev 2.0 and playing it safe (450 core /900 mem). Card is very heavy - all copper heatsink is keeping the chip at 43c after 2 hours of Rally Challenge (4AA/8Aniso). Runs cool and quiet (little louder than my Radeon 9800 Non-Pro) and only occupies one AGP slot, without wasting PCI1 like other cards.
NVIDIA did it again and crushed the competition; NewEgg is simply outstanding (as always). Card came wrapped in 2 boxes with million bubbles inside. Keep it up Newegg!!!

DarkOneX,6/18/2003 8:15:19 PM

I was weary of buying this because I've never heard of Prolink before. Well once I got it and put it in today all my worries washed away. This baby screams and not having any problems! It comes clocked @ 400/850 which already is above spec for a FX 5900 non-ultra but I'm running it @ 425/900 no prob. The card looks great and looks to be of high quality and the fan keeps things cool and is quiet, no louder then a GF4 or Radeon 9800. I am running all my games, new ones including Vice City, Moto GP 2 and Colin McRae Rally 3 @ 1024x768 with max Anisotropic filtering on and it runs fast, smooth, and looks great! I highly recommend this card!


07-26-03, 01:37 PM
Ya that's me! :) I would like to know how the 256MB version runs because it's $410 shipped from Newegg, that's awesome!