View Full Version : MTBS TeamSpeak Server Now Available for Stereoscopic 3D Discussions

05-27-10, 10:20 PM

Meant to be Seen just announced the availability of a dedicated TeamSpeak server, designed to host all sorts of stereo 3D discussions. With up to 512 slots available, this server is a great central hub for stereoscopic 3D gamers to help each other out and talk to each other while playing their favorite games online and in S3D of course. The idea seems great, now just lets see if people will really find it usefulā?¦ ;)

In order to make this work, you will need a webcam and/or a headset with microphone. Just download the free TeamSpeak client and choose www.mtbs3d.com as your TeamSpeak address. Then pick your channel and start chatting and Iā??m already heading there to try it out.

- To download the Free TeamSpeak client if you still donā??t have itā?¦ (http://teamspeak.com/)

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