View Full Version : Do you still write IE6 compatible code?

05-30-10, 03:13 AM
I was having a discussion with a friend recently and we were talking about IE6 compatibility. I was initially supporting the idea that you should always make sure your code works in all the browsers, including IE6.

My friend works for a well known publishing firm in Cleveland. He spends a lot of time with wordpress and JQuery - usually doing PHP stuff. HE was telling me that if a client wants IE6 compatibility that they actually charge extra to ensure the site functions proper.

I guess that makes sense, so I considered not even bothering with IE6 anymore. I will still keep my XP VM with IE6SP1 around to make sure things aren't totally botched, but I won't make any substantial changes to the code - probably just use JS to fix it up because IE6 is epic fail at CSS.

Anyone who is experienced with CSS and JS in web development knows that IE6 is a real pain to make things render properly in the more "design" rich sites.

I have found that it doesn't take much to get things working properly in IE8/7 and FF2/3, and usually what works in Chrome will work in Safari - I also tend to assume Opera will render things properly.

Also, according to W3C, as of this year only 7-8% of end-users out there are still using IE6. I imagine at least the majority are still using it in an office environment, because they aren't allowed to use anything else.

Your thoughts?

05-30-10, 08:05 PM
Yes and No for me.

I TRY to make it work with IE6 and if they are just quick CSS tweaks thats fine but if its just taking way too long fiddling around I dont bother.

charging extra or IE6 is quite a good idea actually since its usually 6 thats the hardest to get displaying properly. time is money