View Full Version : Download Torchlight for Free. Legal

06-05-10, 01:38 AM

Just thought you guys might be interested in downloading Torchlight for free. Here it is. Yes I know the title doesn't say its Torchlight, but I assure you upon installing, starting up the game and playing, it is Torchlight through and through.

06-05-10, 02:58 AM
::rofl: You've got to be one of the funniest guys on here Tyger. This will be an epic thread.

Mr. Hunt
06-05-10, 02:59 AM
This thread is a 10/10... amazing to see Tyger post something funny again ;).

06-05-10, 05:50 AM
Sure if your stupid go ahead and install wildtanget software. Ph if you don't know, it's malware.

06-05-10, 07:32 AM
edited for new thread..