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06-08-10, 08:30 PM
http://main.makeuseoflimited.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/iradeo_logo.pngDon‚??t you wish you could listen to your collection of MP3s (http://www.makeuseof.com/tags/MP3/) from any computer without toting around a thumb drive or MP3 player?¬* What about sharing the music with others?¬* Wouldn‚??t that be cool?¬* Also, wouldn‚??t it be cool to be able to share podcasts and other similar soundbites on your website or another social media page?

All of this could be done if only you could stream (http://www.makeuseof.com/tags/streaming/) your MP3 audio files for free, and embed the player.¬* Well, it is now possible and even made easy by a new tool called Iradeo (http://www.iradeo.com).


You might be thinking that there are services out there like Orb (http://www.orb.com/) and JukeFly (http://www.jukefly.com/) that allow you to stream your audio for free from your computer to the Internet.¬* Yeah, you can do that if you want, but you‚??d better leave your computer on and hope it stays online because you‚??re hosting your own music in those cases.¬* What about Nutsie (http://www.nutsie.com) that lets you sync your iTunes collection on their server?¬* Great thought but what if you don‚??t use iTunes?¬* And that doesn‚??t let you embed a player wherever you want.

In the last paragraph I spoke of a few other services.¬* Among those choices you were given the ability to stream your music from your home computer (Orb and JukeFly) or a third party service (Nutsie).¬* Iradeo (http://www.iradeo.com/) does things a bit differently.¬* They allow you to stream MP3 files hosted on a web server.¬* In other words, if you have webspace, you can stream your MP3s from there instead of using a third party or your own computer‚??s resources. So in essence they are only providing the platform to stream.

All of those details aside, Iradeo is the simplest way how to stream your audio for free.

Sign Up For & Set Up Iradeo.

Head to Iradeo (http://iradeo.com) and sign up for an account.


Once you finish filling in the fields and have signed up, you will be taken to the dashboard.


Notice that you will need to go to the settings page to set some things up before the player will be ready to go.¬* Head over to the settings page and begin to set things up.


One of the fields labeled ‚??Audio Location‚?? is not looking for your city and state, believe it or not.¬* It is looking for the online location of your MP3s (we will be setting this up in the next step).

Also head to the Profile page to add information there.


This will help the public find your ‚??station.‚??

Set Up Your MP3 Folder In Your Webspace.

Since Iradeo streams from your webspace, you must create a directory and upload the MP3s that you want streamed.¬* You will also have to upload a ‚??txt‚?? file containing all of the names of the MP3‚??s in it, one per line.¬* You‚??ll need to name it whatever you are told to in the sidebar of the settings page.


Once you have everything set up (account, profile, MP3s) you should be able to go back to the dashboard and preview the player.


This is also where you grab the embed code from.¬* Just pop this code wherever you want your player to show. Now you can stream MP3s anywhere and to anyone just using webspace and Iradeo (http://www.iradeo.com/).

What other uses can you think of for a service such as Iradeo?¬*¬* Do you have your own Iradeo station? MakeUseOf has teamed up with zozi to provide you (and a friend) a FREE 7-day, trip to New Zealand. Sign up now! (http://muo.fm/zozigv)

http://main.makeuseoflimited.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/zozitrip.png (http://muo.fm/zozigv)

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06-08-10, 08:34 PM
If you're going to this much trouble, you may as well run Subsonic. Actually, come to think of it, you should be running Subsonic anyways. It's lightweight, lightning fast, and is is completely FREE. Also, you handle the authentication and traffic from your own home machine - no "accounts" to sign up for.