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06-09-10, 08:11 PM
It's been a while since working with desktop computer.

My brother has been using my old computer speakers, not old old, but it's Logitech Z2300. He's deaf, but he uses the subwoofer to feel, he likes it as I would use it too.

Now, he has Dell XPS 720,X-Fi XtremeGamer sound card. Window 7. I downloaded the driver from Creative Labs website, the driver itself is updated and works with Window 7.

After installing, there is still no audio. But while installing and right before it ask me to restart the computer, there was a popping sound as if it was disabled and enabled. Rebooted the computer, it did it again.

In the Sounds Properties, there is this bar right next to the device names, it beats the same way with one of the YouTube music videos. No sounds.

Help please? Is this something new/complicated for Window 7 with the sound? He had Window MCE before upgrading to Window 7. It worked, but the sound has been lost since then.

06-09-10, 10:14 PM
Go in the audio console and select the speakers, and make sure nothing is muted, Just keep working in there tell you get the sound.

06-12-10, 05:32 PM
I got it working somehow. :|