View Full Version : Help! Laptop won't detect wireless adapter

06-16-10, 06:30 PM
Out of the blue my Compaq F730US laptop with W7 wont detect its onboard wireless adapter through device manager or anything. The ethernet port works, just not the wireless. There is a wireless switch on the outside but it won't do anything. Anyone had a similar experience?

Things I've tried:

Toggled wireless adapter switch
System restored to various times before problem occurred
Checked windows updates
Reset bios to defaults, not many options in here
Installed latest broadcom 802.11 b/g driver from compaq website
Installed nforce chipset package

Still no detection of wireless adapter...thanks anyone

Mr Bigman
06-16-10, 06:34 PM
Was chewing a booger when i saw this, sounds like the mini pci card inside where the 2 wires connect could be messed up had that with dells at times remember the latitueds with the heated mainbaords inside when wireless would give off the bsod in xp well its a bad batch of broadcom cards so ur best bet would to go to tiger and get a new one usually not much in price and the 2 wires are your ateni so it shoudl be fine.

06-16-10, 06:44 PM
think it could be all dusted up inside? maybe I should open it and blow it out. Did that to my gf's laptop and it was insane what was inside. just reflashed bios and still no go

06-17-10, 05:55 AM
HP/Compaq laptops are notorious for malfunctioning wireless adapters. Unless it is a dust problem, you're most likely screwed. My wife's HP laptop had the exact same problem, and the only thing that fixed it was buying an external adapter. About 30 days after I did that, the whole machine up and died. It wouldn't power on at all.

So buy a new adapter, and make sure to keep regular backups of your data. If the machine is still under warranty, you might want to contact Compaq. You should be able to get a replacement.