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07-22-03, 12:49 PM
hi all. can someone here please help me make some sense out of the nVidia Detonator driver versions?

i've got a GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB. i went to nVidia's officiall website (www.nvidia.com) and the latest version of the Detonator driver was 44.03. i would take this to mean that the 44.03 is the absolute latest supported "official" version of the Detonator drivers. is this incorrect?

then i go onto the alienware support pages and take a look at the available driver downloads for my machine. for my video card, they list the Detonator 44.67 as the latest version.

so which is the "official" latest version? 44.03 or 44.67 or something entirely different.

you would think that the official site would have the latest official version...


07-22-03, 01:20 PM
Both are official driver releases.

Nvidia last official is 44.03, eVGA last one is 44.67 and PNY's is 44.71. All those drivers are WHQLed and legal drivers it's just that nvidia who don't sell cards also don't release themselves every driver they code.

Nvidia will update their website once they release a new graphiccard which requires new drivers or when they release a complete new driver serie... like the upcoming 5x.xx drivers.

07-22-03, 01:28 PM
so where do i need to continually check for the latest versions? nvidia? the actual card manufacturer? alienware? this is all terribly confusing.

The Baron
07-22-03, 02:06 PM