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06-24-10, 07:03 PM
The day has come my old confidants. I am in need of a new rig. I'm planning on going back and playing alot of the FPS type games over the last two years that I missed. This includes Crysis, Batman, Deadspace, etc. I also want the rig to be ready for the next generation like Rage, Portal II, HL Ep3 (HA HA HA HA .... gonna ask for DNF while I am at it!), Deus EX III.

Anywho, I have been out of the hardware scene for a bit and while I am currentently reading threads to get some edification about the subjects, I thought I would just ask for suggestions and allow the pros/cons get bickered about here in a central location for me. :)

So ..... some general guidlines .....

I USUALLY buy higher end but not bleeding edge parts. Examples of this were the 8800GTX when it came out, the Q6600 (G0) when it came out, the Raptor drives then they came out. On other stuff I buy what will work .... like my memory to match the OC speed I was getting (without having to OC it much itself), a solid Seasonic PSU that wasn't TOP of the line but met my needs. You guys get the idea.

Also, while I am not a nitro cooling genious, I am quite handy and willing to work the parts for excellent cooling, low noise, etc. I cut up my Antec case for the watercooling I got going and lapped my last few CPUs without regret so ......

About the parts:

Intel CPU - whatever is "the overclocker" right now .... not going to get the EXTREME series (do they still make those???)

Intel Chipset - don't care too much about maker. Have had good luck with Asus in the past, but again willing to go with "the overclocker" board in the $200-$300 range.

Nvidia card - (pretty much decided on at least 1 480 right now). Again, dont really care about maker but have had good luck with BFG and EVGA in the past. Also need to know what I should pick up for the physics card with this. I'm getting the feeling something in the 2400/2600 range but would like more input.

Memory - I usually get something a notch or two above the standard speed for the mobo (ex. mobo was rated at 100 ... I picked up the 133). This gives me lots of headroom to clock the CPU without having to worry about memory stability so much. Have mostly gone with Corsair in the past but am very happy with the Mushkin set I picked up for this last build.

Sound - I allready have a SB X-Fi I am using but think I might pass it on with the rebuild I am going to do with my old parts. Any suggestions on this?

HD - okay .... I admit it .. I have NO CLUE about SSDs. Last I was into this the raptors were king and SDDs didnt exist for the common man. That being said, I am getting the impression that a good (but small) one for the OS and then another for games is the way to go. I plan on keeping my large HD for data (music, movies, etc) storage, but honestly most of the space I use is game related. So, hit me with whats good right now!

PSU - I have LOVED my Seasonic. Its quiet, effecient and has never given me any problems. Probably going to go with them again. Question is, how much power do I need for a modern rig with room to grow?

Optical - I have an old Plextor drive now. Have been happy with them in the past but I think I read that they no longer really exist. So, can anyone suggest a new maker to me? I dont burn a hell of alot .... or even use it on a regular basis. I mostly just install the game and then never use the DVD again. However I do want the ability to burn off a CD, DVD and now a BR DVD. IT doesn't have to be the fastest in the world. I just want it to work WELL.

Mouse - Think its time to retire the old MX 1000. Its been good to me but its starting to get a little flakey. Okay for regular use ...... not so much for FPS. I LOVE the style and grip of the Logitech series and am hoping to find a modern equivilent. Needs to be wireless and rechargable.

Keyboard - Again, LOVE Logitech's comfort curve designs. Usually end up having to buy a keyboard/mouse pack (which I never use the mouse for) just to get the keyboard I want. Needs to be wireless. I would prefer if both the mouse and keyboard didnt have large recieving stations this time. Something that just uses a small USB micro recievier would be good. Great if they could share the reciever but two small seperate ones will be ok too.

Planning on reusing my LG 1920x1080 monitor (27") and my good old Logitech Z5500 speakers.

Okay, I know I rambled .... sorry

Thx in advance

07-04-10, 12:04 AM
Been out of town dealing with some bad family juju ..... 187 views, 0 responses .... ouch!

Anywho, started looking around and figure I have narrowed some of it down a bit:

Mobo : Asus P6T, P6X58D, or Rampage III. Biggest differance I see between them all is the available PCIe configurations. Not really planning on SLI now, but always a nice option. Also, I will admit ..... the Rampage was included partially for style (I know, I know).

CPU : I7 920 or I7 930. Seem to be the best bangs for the buck. Not sure which one OCs better or if there are certain revs I should be looking for or not.

GPU : EVGA 480. Haven't had a problem with thier video cards yet and not gonna cheap out on the GPU. :)

Memory : Still at a loss here. I have issues with my current Mushkin but have usually run with Corsair in the past. However most people seem to be clammoring over G.Skill. Timings have never really seemed too impressive to me and I have always erred on the side of slightly faster RAM to prevent it from being my OCing barrier. Any thoughts?

Audio : Not sure if the onboard is on par with a dedicated card. I'm not an audiophile by any means. Just want the sound effects to add to the emmersion.

HD : ya .... still a bit lost here too. Again, would seem that an SSD for OS and another for games then keeping my old raptor for data would be the way to go. Or is that overkill? Gonna really need some suggestions and directions on this one.

PSU : Probably the Seasonic 850. I think the Corsairs are made by them too but not sure I really need a 950+W supply.

Optical : Think I read somewhere that Samsung/LG were the way to go now (vs Plextor). Damned if I can find the thread right now. Anywho, just need it to read and burn (BR). Doesn't have to be the fastest in the world.

Mouse/Keyboard : Haven't even looked yet.

I know I rambled again. :o

Just start throwing some make/models at me and I'll start narrowing the field. Reasoning behind your choices would even be better!

Thx again .... and it feels good to get back into building again .... sorta .... besides the headaches from all the reading. :)

07-04-10, 12:13 AM
Sounds good, though I don't know about seasonic for a psu. I have a corsair 1000W and it's great.

I don't think memory really makes much of a difference unless you are an extreme overclocker. Just get a reliable brand that will take an RMA if necessary and go from there.

the i7's are awesome and the gtx 480 is supposed to be quite a beast, though I don't own one myself.

For a mouse, I liked the G5 and G9 from logitech.