View Full Version : Best mid-tower case that can support two HD 5870 cards?

06-27-10, 08:02 AM
I'm looking for a mid-tower case that has excellent cooling and can support two HD 5870 cards. Should not be more than $100.

06-27-10, 08:49 AM
Cooler Master 690 II Advanced.

06-27-10, 08:56 AM

What about the Antec Three Hundred? Will it be able to support two HD 5870 cards while offering good airflow?

06-30-10, 11:53 AM
Cooler Master 690 II Advanced.

This. the 690II is sick. almost makes me want to get one but then I look at my LL PC-V1000b and forget about the 690.

I think I've spoiled myself with that thing and think it's the best looking case ever built but the 690 and a few other cases that have more extras and those little engineering bells and whistles the 1000b doesnt have.

I think the top mount hot swappable sata dock and water cooling fore thoughts put into the 690 are particularly cool as well as the cable management areas. the 1000b has none of that. :o

the 690 would be my go to sub $100 case if I were buying today despite some good alternatives from Antec and LL.