View Full Version : 8800GTS...Vista won't load my SAVED PROFILES!

06-29-10, 03:47 PM
Hey guys,

I'm running windows Vista 64 bit with the latest 8800 GTS 257.21 drivers.

I'm having a problem in the Nvidia control panel. What i'm simply trying to do is save settings for my TV to run my monitor to my TV and make that a monitor and I (uncheck) my actual PC monitor so i'm basically making my 42" TV my monitor with special Resolution settings to fit that 1080P TV.

All i'm doing is saving the two settings one as Computer.nvp and the other as TV.nvp so i can easily switch between the settings instead of always having to change/adjust my TV resolution and size everytime I want to play a movie from my PC to my TV..so I just simply want to be able to quickly LOAD the files.

Problem is everytime I try to open a saved profile it simple says Do you want to overwrite current settings...of course I click "YES" and then it says "Error Loading Profile"...what can I do to solve this? It's not like im changing a lot of stuff in the settings just mainly the resolution on to match my TV and changing the monitors to run alone instead of in clone mode. And of course the Everything is hooked up correctly and the TV is ran through HDMI/DVI from computer. I'm able to get the image and have been viewing stuff on my TV..simply just can't load a profile i have saved to make this process easier on myself and my wife so she can easily just load the settings for the kids and get it going herself.

Thanks guys!