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sammy sung
07-01-10, 09:49 PM
Where to start ?

I've been having issues with my pc all week,i wanted to use my plasma with it through HDMI and after hooking up the spdif cable for sound between the mobo and the 285 it wouldn't boot.It was completly dead,no fans spinning,nada.So i removed the cable again and after a while it booted,had to unplug the 2 6 pin connectors from gfx card and plug it back in again before it spun up.So scratch that idea,let's hook it up through the VGA input instead ,that worked just fine but i also had to route a sound cable from the PC but i could live with that.

But this morning i woke up at 10 and tried starting it but was met with silence ,no beeps,fans etc.I opened it up,did the usual,checked ram sticks one by one,removed everything but cpu/gfx but still the same crap.This being the only pc i have atm meant that i couldn't check the individual components but i figured it had to be the gfx card,mobo or the power supply.The onboard power and reset buttons where lit so i figured the powersupply was ok,it fed current to the mobo right ? (this turned out to be a costly mistake on my part ...)

Me being impatient and so used to having the pc on all the time meant i wanted it up and running asap so off i went,bus and subway to one of the larger computer shops in the city,bought a point of view gtx 470 and got home,discovered that the box had been opened,the seals on the antistatic bag were broken and all the accessories were missing.Tested it anyway,no luck,back to the store,they said they were sorry and i changed it for a zotac card,paid 40$ more.Back home again but still nothing.My reasoning here was that i ****ed something up when i tried to get the HDMI working with the 285,that either the gfx or mobo were busted because thats where the problems started so i was sure it was related to that.

So i went back,tried to find the same mobo as i had but they only had the more expensive premium version in stock,i had no choice than to get it because i could use the cpu/ram i already have.So dismantle the whole thing,change mobo's etc but belive me did i ever curse it all to hell when it still didn't work.I was stumped,it was 6 fricken hours later and i was out 700$ and the ******* thing still wouldn't boot.So out yet another time,checked my account balance and went back to the store,gave them more of my money and left with a corsair 650w psu.Removed the old tagan unit and plugged this in and lo and behold the damn thing spun up and beeped.

7 hours and 800$ later i was up and running again,wish i had a second pc where i could have tested the 285 and the other stuff,that would have saved 700$ anyway but by this time i was tired and just relived that i finally found the problem with it.The zotac card is sweet though,runs cool eventhough its very hot here right now.Using msi afterburner and running the fan at 60%.

Think i'm gonna build a second PC again and be able to avoid things like this,hell i have half of the parts already :p

07-01-10, 10:58 PM
I know how you feel man I went through lots of troubles late last year through to early this year and it sucks. Replacing a part and finding the problem still there is damn annoying. Now I've got my PC working I just leave it... no more overclocking or tinkering for now! I just want a reliable PC. The next step for me is a new primary HDD (these early SSD's suck - worst purchase I've ever made, too late to recoup some of my losses) and eventually a quieter case!

So yeah, like you I feel like building a new PC just using the parts I have that I like. I've decided to wait until next year though when I need a new video card.