View Full Version : best buy mess up - starcraft 2 for $5

07-04-10, 08:45 AM
not sure how long it'll last before best buy catches it and corrects, but for those of you interested:

Starcraft 2 for $5 (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/StarCraft+II:+Wings+of+Liberty+-+Windows/8719899.p?id=1200702781643&skuId=8719899&st=starcraft%20II&lp=2&cp=1)

for those wondering: in the past when best buy screws up a price, they continue to honor the online orders. although here, I'm not sure if they'll continue to honor the $55 savings. only time will tell.

07-04-10, 09:09 AM
saw that....only down side is, its only for USA

cant do it anymore btw, it says "Coming soon"

07-04-10, 09:09 AM
lol, oops. looks like best buy caught on. mods feel free to lock/delete this thread.