View Full Version : a 3d vision surround idea for nvidia drivers

07-04-10, 12:56 PM
what Nvidia should do to get a leg up on the competition is go back to sept. of last year when dx11 cards and multimonitor gaming was introduced and make a list of 3d vision surround compatible games on their website. Meaning they go that far back and start doing testing on games from that time forward so users can know what to play across 3 monitors. Or even go so far as to go to their game publishers that sponsor them on the retail box or program for nvidia cards exclusively even if necessary. Because I am hard time finding games from 2009 that aren't going to let me make use of the 3 monitors.

07-05-10, 10:59 PM
this is what I have tested so far with 3d vision surround.

Just Cause 2- works perfect in 3d vision surround. The only drawback is that nvidia puts up a warning that it puts the game at 2x AA to achieve surround gaming. although the game itself doesn't enforce this and allows you to set the AA at any setting and still works. I noticed that the intro speech is delayed meaning you still see the mouths moving after the speech has been spoken by a person. Doesn't happen in game though. and with gtx 480 2 way sli, I can go full rez (57xx x 1080) with 3d vision enabled without slowdowns in game.

Gears of war- the game allows you to set the rez to any 3d vision surround rez. The only thing is that only spans the menus and not the game itself. The game slightly spans about 2-3 over 3 screens but that's about it. no warning from nvidia on this one and you can max the game out for settings.

Singularity- only allows preset rez made by activision in game and not native 3d vision surround resolutions. Also, takes a long time loading levels and exiting the game. Even beyond the problems people are seeing with the game normally. Works with 3d vision itself though.

Fallout 3- no go at all here. Tried going with in game resolutions and maxed settings. When you go to play the game, the 3 screens go black and there nothing happens. I let the pc run for a minute or two since UAC slows down with 3d vision surround. No dice. Had to reset the pc and reboot windows. (couldn't even get task manager up to end the game app).