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trivium nate
07-05-10, 06:09 PM
idk if their is a thread for this game yet but ive been playing the demo and its sick!!! :captnkill::captnkill: i want the full game
anyone else playing this?

07-05-10, 07:18 PM
I hate it.

I recently signed-up for my first pay-to-play month and instantly hated myself for it. Guild Wars is better and free, and that is not because of instances because both games are completely instanced.

Plus... the game just sucks. No story, poor ground combat, repetitive visuals... ugh.

I have like 25 days left if you want to play and show me why it's good though. StingingVelvet on there, Capt. Dalek of the Starship TARDIS.

07-05-10, 10:49 PM
I'm a huge MMO guy, but when my Trekkie friend tried it (for a long time during beta, and then for a month or 2 after launch) and he doesn't like it? Probably not for me. I am waiting it out for SW:TOR...Unfortunately, it doesn't come out until 2011...

Maybe I'll see what they have done to Conan or maybe play a bit of WOW in the mean time (haven't played an MMO in about 6 months, so I'm starting to jones for it again...)