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07-05-10, 08:31 PM
Well I am about ready to buy my second Graphic's card to make my system SLI again. The question is do I get another 465 or buy a 470 then spend the extra $30 and step-up my old card to a 470? Is it worth it?

07-05-10, 09:05 PM
step up....

07-05-10, 11:13 PM
I agree, use the evga step up if your savvy. you'll save about 20-40 dollars on the cost of a second 470 with sending in your 465. Now the only cost factor you might be concerned about is the shipping costs for getting the 465 to evga as I would assume the 470 you get back evga would pay the shipping. Meaning, the 20-30 saved may just break even if you are hasty and not wanting to wait thus shipping the expensive way to evga.

edit: scratch that. if it costs 30 alone for the step up, that's pretty much the difference between a 465 and 470. my local store in canada sells a vanilla 465 for 309 and a vanilla 470 for 349. So,there is basically your 30 dollars breaking even there. If you really want more speed, sell off the 465 for close to what you bought and buy yourself two 470's. or go with the second 465.

07-05-10, 11:18 PM
I don't know where to sit on this. Contrary to some reviews, the 465 is in fact a really solid performer, and two in SLI would be quite stonkin'. :p

Not to say that two 470s wouldn't be crazy fast, but surely two 465s wouldn't feel slow by any stretch of the imagination.

trivium nate
07-05-10, 11:40 PM
get a GTX 480

07-06-10, 01:05 AM
get a GTX 480

That's really not constructive at all and adds nothing to this conversation.

Think before you post.

07-07-10, 08:11 PM
Would love to get a 480 but that's to much money for what I want. Anyway ill take your guys advice and step up to a 470 :)

07-08-10, 02:36 AM
You won't be disappointed!

07-09-10, 12:21 PM
You want be dissapointed in the GTX470 and if you are going SLI then even better.The GTX 470 is quite a bit faster then a GTX 465 since they have chopped it down so much unless your lucky and get get one that will flash to a GTX 470 .I know PNY was selling the first ones with the full 1280 memory on the card ,so when you flashed it to a 470 you had all the memory.I found some MSI GTX 470's for $279 on sale so I bought two.I was thinking of getting a GTX 480 ,but I thoughtat that price I might as well get two GTX 470's.I was amazed of how well they overclocked.One of them would do 805/3800 and the other would do 795/3925 at default voltage.I would have thought they would have put faster GDDR5 memory on them.My HD5870 would do 5200mhz but they had .4ns memory on them and I think the GTX 470 just has .5ns memory and it has a wider buss.320bit v 256bit so I guess they did'nt need it no faster.The MSI GTX 470 has a lot of overclocking room,and I have not tried raiseing the voltage yet.The sound is no where as loud as people or reviewers made it out to be ,sure if you crank it to 100% then yes it is loud but 70 and under is not bad at all.It is no louder then my three GTX 280's were.But they do need the power if you are going to run two.At least a good 750watt powersupply would be the minimum,I would recomend at least a 850watt if you are going to overclock.Which most people do and why not when you can get such a big gain out of doing it.

07-09-10, 02:38 PM
When I had my two HD5870's in CF with Vantage and them set at 1000/5000 the highest I got was 31,233 and with two MSI GTX470 in SLI set at default 602/3348 I got 31,331 and when I overclock them to 775/3600 at default voltage I get 37,132,thats almost a 6,000 point gain.And all my games run faster or close enough it does not manner.It is well worth it to step up .you want be disapointed.I wish I had just waited it out before I bought my two HD5870's.There nothing wrong with them ,they ran all my games great,I just like nvidia control pannel better.I guess I will sell them on ebay.The GTX465 is a good card but the GTX 470 is just so much better with it's 320bit buss compared to 256bit buss and 1280mb of memory compared to 1024mb and T.P.C 44 to 56 R.B.E.C 32 to 40 and a higher texture and pixel fill rate,If your enjoy it half as much as I have ,then you will be very happy.

07-11-10, 12:17 PM
The sound is no where as loud as people or reviewers mde it out to be

True.... I've actually made mine louder by increasing the speed through msi afterburner. It stays alot cooler. I'd much rather have a cooler / loud card than warm / quiet.

When I'm gaming I've got sounds or headphones anyway so it doesn't really matter