View Full Version : Power supplies: Corsair vs. SilverStone

07-06-10, 07:41 AM
I've read that Corsair power supplies are simply re-branded Sea Sonic power supplies with lower-quality fans. Is this true?

Secondly, how are SilverStone power supplies? Are they also re-branded or actually made by SilverStone?

07-06-10, 08:20 AM
By the way, how do Thermaltake power supplies fit in with the above mentioned ones?

07-06-10, 09:43 AM
I wouldn't buy thermaltake high-end PSU, for same money I would preffer to buy Corsair.

As far as Corsair being "rebranded" seasonic, maybe the lower W models might be, but I haven't seen Seasonic over 850w, unless Seasonic manufactures the 1000W corsair.

i still use a 600w seasonic in my server, its probably about 6+ years old still going strong.

When it comes to Silverstone, I had two, Olympia (workstation single rail-high end) 700w that developed a capacitor squel, RMA took care of that. Then I bought a modular Silverstone and it almost broke my entire PC because it kept dropping +5v and spiking +12v

07-06-10, 10:45 AM
I've got 1 of each, 750w Corsair and a 650w Silverstone - both strong, stable, quiet and cool under load, which is important to me as both cases are bottom mount PSUs.

07-06-10, 11:03 AM
No had either make. I'm a fan of Tagan, but this Enermax has been flawless and I've had it years now. IMO Corsair don't make a bad product, though.

07-06-10, 11:14 AM
Just don't get an OCZ psu. I had a new 1000w one and it didn't last even a year. :thumbdwn:
Luckily I didn't pay anything for it or I would have been madder than Oprah finding out Krispy Kreme had gone out of business.
I'm using a Corsair 750W now and it seems to be great so far.

07-06-10, 11:53 AM
I'm a big fan of Silverstone. I'm currently using their quad-rail 850watt that I bought about 4 years ago for my dual 640MB 8800GTSs which I purchased on launch day. Still going strong to this day. :)

Never used Corsair, and it's been a *very* long time since I used SeaSonic.

bob saget
07-06-10, 12:22 PM
using corsair.