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07-06-10, 05:16 PM

The Athlon-II series is built to be a less expensive alternative, while still offering a lot of great features. The chips are designed without any L3 cache at all, allowing for those lower prices. Many computer enthusiasts, myself included, often wait a long time after the purchase of a computer before considering an upgrade. I know many of you reading this are the same way. According to the Steam Hardware Survey for April 2010, almost 17% of gamers (remember, the hardware survey is based on Steam users) are still using single core processors in their systems. Quad core use is up, but still only amounts to 27.5% of users. The bulk of the users use dual core processors with speeds between 2.0 and 2.6GHz. Considering the lowest end of new Athlon-II dual core processors are now at 3.2GHz, this leaves a lot of room for upgrade.

In this article, Benchmark Reviews takes a look at the new Athlon-II X4-640 Quad-Core Processor and compares it's performance to that of the Athlon-II X3-445 and X2-260 processors. All three have similar clock speeds, with the X4-640 at 3.0GHz, the X3-445 at 3.1GHz and the X2-260 at 3.2Ghz. With the release of the Athlon-II X4-640 as AMDs flagship Athlon-II processor, the price of the 2.9GHz Athlon-II X4-635 will fall below $100. The X4-640 was released at an MSRP of $122, with the X3-445 and X2-260 comparison processors at $87 and $76, respectively. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have recently tested both the X3-445 and the X2-260 and found them to be excellent performers for the entry-level prices they represent. We will be quite surprised if the Athlon-II X4-640 provides us with a different view than these others, as AMD has proven to be quite consistent with the price to performance ratio of its recently released products.

The AM2+/AM3 platform sure does hit the sweet bang-for-the-buck spot quite nicely. :)

07-06-10, 06:27 PM
The performance of those things in multi-threaded apps is pretty nice. I wish they would include some Phenom II comparisons as opposed to a much more expensive i7 920 setup