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07-09-10, 04:33 AM

I know I put this in the gtx 200 forum so they gtx 200 series owners so they can get happy over it. The reason I put it here is that nvidia says that the gtx 400 series on the page only supports 3 way sli for the gtx 400 series. at least for the gtx 480, that is not true. I am using two evga gtx 480 superclocked cards in 2 way sli and it's works just fine. gtx 470 and below may need the 3rd card for the horse power to run 3d vision surround though as stated on the page. the only thing that is confusing is that gpu connector req. are 3d projectors but below they tell you what you can really use for supported display modes and resolutions, duh? also, 3d vision discover for those that don't know are those cheap ass blue and red glasses you may have got with your video card instead of the nvidia 3d vision kit.

07-09-10, 05:52 PM
I think you've misunderstood - It's saying that 3 way SLI isn't supported on the 200's yet, but it is supported on the 400's.

It is NOT saying that 400's only support 3 way, and no 2 way.

07-09-10, 08:05 PM
I know what you mean. The note above the 1st chart says 3 way for gtx 400 only along with future 3 way support for the gtx 200 at this time. but the chart says yes to 2 way, 3 way and multi gpu for the gtx 400 series and I am using 2 way sli. Also, why does the gpu connection part of the chart keep mentioning 3d projectors when below in the other chart it shows what you can really connnect? It's like nvidia either wants you to solve a riddle or they want only the really savvy tech using this stuff.

07-09-10, 11:57 PM
You can run 2-way but you will have hard time running games at max settings, even 3-way has trouble keeping up.

07-10-10, 11:36 AM
You can run 2-way but you will have hard time running games at max settings, even 3-way has trouble keeping up.

that is what I was trying to explain in my gtx 200 forum thread. With my two gtx 480's, I have to play just cause 2 at 3xxx x 1024 instead of the full 57xx x 1080 for it to be playable. It still looks awesome though to play. I can't see more than three gtx 285's or a quad gtx 295 setup for anything to be playable on that series.