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07-10-10, 02:43 AM
I've been playing this game for a couple months now, and it's really great! Called Zenonia, an RPG, but it's well done, and easy to get into. Only thing that's annoying is all the text that you have to scroll through. Very fun though, I'm level 73, in the last dungeon I think, at the very bottom of the map.

Give it a try if you want a good game to keep you occupied for a long while!


The game features real time combat and exploration. The main character, Regret, is controlled through use of an on-screen d-pad, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.[3] There are many side quests that the player can choose to complete in order to further explore the world. The main storyline can be changed by the player depending on whether they decide to make certain choices that will cause their character's alignment to shift more quickly towards good or evil. There are three classes in which the player can choose from: Paladin, Warrior, or Assassin, each having a unique fighting style. The game also features literally hundreds of different weapons, and a full class skill tree for each of classes. Gamevil claims that Zenonia has 40 hours of gameplay.

Regret's in-game appearance changes based upon his equipped weapon and armor set.[4]

07-13-10, 04:40 PM
HOMERUN BATTLE 3D is my favorite game for cell phones. It is on iPhone's app store as well.

Little review of the game. This is on a iPhone but they play the same on Android.