View Full Version : hex core i7 970 are being shipped

07-16-10, 03:47 PM

I am not sure if the $ value is US or euros, because my earlier thread stated $885 US.

07-16-10, 04:39 PM
whats the multi on this thing ?

07-17-10, 12:12 AM
slawter, read the site. it shows a value in pounds and dollars. What I am not sure of is the dollar being the US dollar or euros.

07-18-10, 12:45 AM
you know what the real sucky part is, I just did a currency conversion on my banks site based on the markets ending friday. The US dollar is worth 64 cents vs. 1 pound. Which means logically that the product price should be lower. GB is getting screwed by the US on their imports! But I forget the VAT too. I think that is what kills the price over there. Where I live in ontario, they just merged the federal and provincial tax into a harmonized sales tax (hst) to a 13% total. So, although electronics were charged the 13%, now everything (and I mean everything) gets charged the 13%. mind you, it used to add up to 15% at one time, but things have progressed here at least in Ontario, Canada. actually for those canadians that don't know, we used to pay over 20% tax overall at one time before the provincial and federal taxes. Back in the 80's and early 90's we used to pay manufacturer's tax and sales tax adding up to over 20% before provincial and federal tax reform.

07-18-10, 12:59 PM

07-18-10, 09:55 PM
a little above msrp of $885, but then newegg is usually 1st to market with retail online most of the time. Really though, intel is going to lose out on this cpu if you have say $200 or less more to spend on the 980x. It should be no more than $800 max for the factor of being hex core because the 960 is $600. so more like say $700-750 for the 970.

07-23-10, 01:51 AM
Why not just grab the 980X with unlocked multi if the price difference is just US$100.

07-23-10, 08:35 AM
Why not just grab the 980X with unlocked multi if the price difference is just US$100.

I agree with the unlocked multi, but intel should know that not everyone has deep pockets and should make the 970 more affordable like the 960 price. You will more than likely see 970 go eol before the 980x because of the price.

07-23-10, 07:32 PM
The price is even worse if someone waited for this CPU because of the price.
At the 980X's release, it was very clear that this won't be a cheap CPU... Still a few waited for a more affordable Six Core CPU :p

Not me, got mine 3/30/2010, I really like it runs fast and cool.:)