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07-22-10, 02:33 AM
Two Visiontek Radeon 3870 Overclocked Editions for sale.

Only 1 box. Both cards the same. Both work flawless.
$69 for both Shipped
$39 Each Shipped

Bluray Movies All in mint shape just like brand new.


Transformers 2

The Dark Knight

$9.99 shipped


Scyth Fan controller $17 shipped

Does have a few scratches at the top middle of the device about 3/4" wide but you dont notice them unless you have it at the right angle held up in the light.

Other then that its 100% functional and 100% visible to read temps.


Tried to show the scratches but my rooms not bright enough to see them in the picture.


Color 5" LCD Video Module (RCA Composite Video) - 12 Volt DC $47 Shipped

I bought this for $170 from Performance-pcs.com for the Crossfire Build but took it off to get into the case. never put it back on and decided to sell it.

Works great click link for info. Mods into your drive bay area. Great for case mod builds.


Watercooling Pump from LING same as Swifttek pump. Will sell for $33 shipped



DDR2 Memory for both Desktop and Notebook. $8.50 each Shipped

All 512MB sticks. Value Memory



Motherboard Abit IL8 Socket 775 No core 2 support. up to Pentium D $18.50 Shipped

Worked great with the Celeron 430 and memory above installed. Was pulled out of a working system a year ago. Has been sitting and I have no heatsink to test it again. If it gives you trouble within the first 10 days ill give you a refund. Only because I cant test it. With that said it was 100% working before the system was upgraded.


Intel Celeron 430 CPU $20 Shipped



Will update the list later with more stuff.

Might accept Trade for some DS games

PayPal only
Cont US only

Heatware Morethan1code

I am Registered with MikeC

Thanks for looking.