View Full Version : Where are the settings saved!? Not saving under non-admin/XP

07-24-10, 11:29 AM
I can't figure this one out. I tried using Process Monitor and I can't find out where on the hard drive or registry the control panel settings are saved nor where the non-admin account is being blocked by lack of permissions.

I am using XP Pro and I use a non-admin account. The nvidia control panel in driver version 258.96 is not able to save settings under a non-admin account in XP, the settings do not stick and immediately revert. However, 178.24 I used on a previous system was able to. The admin can change settings fine but I am not using the admin account all the time or at all.

If the settings were in a global key or file then changing the settings under the admin also changes the non-admin. The settings are apparently separate for accounts. But if this were true then I should be able to change settings under non-admin without issue.

Windows 7 on the other hand, with the SAME driver version, is able to save settings under a true non-admin account. This is WITHOUT registry & file virtualization, which kicks in when programs write to locations in the registry or folder non-admins don't have permissions and redirects them to the profile folder.

This is on a CLEAN install so there is nothing to do with leftover old driver bits.

Asus P5WD2-E Premium
Pentium D EE 3.74GHz
XP Pro

07-26-10, 12:47 AM
All I know is where the game profiles are stored in XP....


07-26-10, 12:59 AM
Okay, with about 30 seconds of using Process Monitor, I found the files...

C:\Documents and Settings\<your account name>\Application Data\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs

looks like the settings are stored in:


07-26-10, 01:00 AM
I imagine you could possibly copy the files from your admin account to the user account to get the same settings, but I have no idea if it will actually work.

07-28-10, 01:34 AM
I know about nvapps.xml it doesn't seem to be used in this version. If they are in my profile folder then I wonder why the settings won't stick in XP. My settings aren't hard to remember I just change a couple of the 3D settings.

I mainly filtered by "nvcplui.exe" and anything other than "SUCCESS". I got a Windows 7 license so I'm using Windows 7. Those bin files don't seem to exist.

08-01-10, 02:34 PM
Filter by file write, then change something in the program and save the changes.

09-15-10, 03:07 AM
The nVidia XP64 driver 258.96 tries to store the files nvdrssel.bin nvdrsdb0.bin nvdrsdb1.bin into %WINDIR%\system32. No regular user should write to this directory.

This must be fixed.