View Full Version : This is so weird

07-24-10, 05:02 PM
The more i overclock my cpu and graphics card 3dmark scores drop.............dramatically.

Uninstalled riva tuner after restoring card to defaults , dropped cpu from 4 ghx to 3.4 ghz and my frame returned to expected levels 50 -60 frames @return to Proxycon

What's going on .

07-24-10, 06:08 PM
Maybe it's overheating, impacting performance.

07-24-10, 06:18 PM
Perhaps , though i have fan on gpu at 100% and cpu is water-cooled, the 3D mark os falling from around 15000 marks to just over 9000.

I am happy to run my rig the wat it is , but i thought it was very strange all the same.
I'll try again and keep a close eye on temps

07-24-10, 06:26 PM
something might not be getting enough voltage...

07-24-10, 06:34 PM
something might not be getting enough voltage...

Bingo, I think you are right. i only have a 550 watt power supply, and I am very careful with voltage. Probably best just leave it for now as this motherboard is a bit nervous about heat.
But i think you are spot on

07-24-10, 10:42 PM
Yep. When I first started overclocking my PII 965, I was getting far less of a score than I am now at the same clock speed. Mainly, I increased the voltage slightly (for stability) and I also increased the NB clock. The benchmarking scores went up by about 2-5%, and the responsiveness went up dramatically without increasing the speed of the CPU.

It's amazing what a little extra juice will do for you. :)