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07-27-10, 11:55 AM
Okay- so through work yesterday I inherited a near-new HP w2408 monitor. Works perfectly and was free so hey! :D

Anyhow, I don't have any external speakers for my rig currently. Cause of my move I sold all my audio equipment and I've just been using my headset for audio. Well this monitor has built-in speakers. So I was hooking them up to my rig this morning.

Well, you know how on all LCD monitors the connectors are located on the bottom, and the easiest way to connect any cables is to have the monitor laying face-down? Well, I was trying to do that, but this monitor does take up a fair amount of space on my desk.

In-short my coffee cup got knocked over dumping the contents all over my desk. Fortunately everything was powered off. I've spent the past hour and a half hand-drying everything. Other than having my room smell of coffee we're good.

Except on the front of my monitor I have what appears to be water spots. Like the residue of the coffee is on the internal plastic coating. It's more annoying than anyting- everything looks fine as far as picture quality.

Okay- here's a good way of describing this... you know how for your car you can get your own window tinting kits? And if you do that wrong you'll have air bubbles in the tint? Well- it's kinda' like that but not nearly as obvious. From the top left corner going down about half way, then slanting down to the bottom right corner there's a ever-so-slightly-darker section, and the lower left half way up and then all along the bottom it's the normal brightness.

As I type this it appears to ever so slowly be disappearing so maybe it'll go away on it's own. Anyhow- I'd like to remove it completely and just wonder if any of ya'll have experience working on monitors. What can I use to properly clean the innards of this beast? It works great- there's no actual damage just want to dry up the innards completely. And I don't have money to replace this monitor.

Any suggestions? I do have a smaller Gateway monitor I could use- and place this one right infront of the heater? Would that damage it?

Thanks ya'll. :D

07-27-10, 01:01 PM
Bumpidy bump bump. :D

So I disconnected the monitor and am now using my smaller gateway monitor.

I'm slowly taking the new HP monitor apart. Anything I should be aware of? I'm being very careful, and am wiping away any coffee I see with lysol and paper towels- I hope this isn't a no-no. :o

I also hope I can remember how to put it all together again. :p :o

07-27-10, 01:18 PM
Try less caffeine maybe?


07-27-10, 01:30 PM
Try less caffeine maybe?



Thanks buddy. I'll remember that. :p

Well, I have it completely apart. Remember- I've never taken a monitor apart before- even those big CRTs so this is a first for me.

There's a silver- almost whitish back part and I can clearly see the "effected" area now. I'm just unsure of how to "clean" it. What is that white backing (or whatever color it is)? It felt like some kind of screen. Will lysol hurt that? Should I use diluted rubbing alchohol?

I'm hesitant to go forward from here- I really don't want to damage this thing it's like a $400+ monitor that I got for free!

It feels like it's just plastic- but I don't want to cause any more damage. :o Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. Heck, even another place I may look to get some pointers would be awesome. Really hesitant to go any further on my own at this point. :o

Thanks ya'll!

Oh- and my "enter" key just stopped working (coffee got into my keyboard, but I took it all apart and dried everything- or so I thought :o ). Looks like I may be picking up a new keyboard today. :( :lol:

07-27-10, 01:40 PM
Okay- so I thought I'd try water. I attempted to take that piece I described apart. I may have made a slight scratch on the LCD screen itself... hope not- not sure what's what. :lol: There was a transparent plastic sheet that I wiped off really well with water and then a dry towel, and then a thicker white-transparent plastic piece that I'm doing the same thing to. Trying to eliminate any coffee that I may find. Kinda' hard cause I think these have to be completely clean when I put it all back together other wise it'll mess up the image. :o

I sure hope I'm doing all this right. :o :lol: At least I do have another monitor to use in the worst case scenerio. :)

07-27-10, 03:42 PM

YESS!!! I was SOOOO worried that it wouldn't, that I'd damage something or accidentally forget to connect something but IT WORKS!!!!! HALLELUJAH IT WORKS!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

The speakers *were* working this morning, not sure if they still are. If not, I pulled a pair from recycling at work that are just missing the 3.5mm connector- easy splice job and bam I have speakers. :D

Oh I'm so greatful it is working! YESSS! Now to put the stand back on and be greatful of this new monitor. :D

07-27-10, 03:57 PM
Well, I may have to pop the back off because the buttons on the front aren't working- nor is the power button lighting up anymore.

However, everything display wise looks just fine. :D This is SOOOOO awesome. :)