View Full Version : Motherboard killed my ram again

07-27-10, 03:05 PM
Around March I RMA'd my motherboard (Asus P5N-D) and ram (Corsair 2x2GB DDR2 800) after having issues posting. So I figured I wouldn't have any trouble now. I booted up today and my computer froze on the log in screen. Restarted and it wouldn't post again. Switched out the ram and it would post but it would freeze after.

So basically I am throwing in the towel on my LGA 775 system and going to Core i7. Bought an evga x58 motherboard and I hope I don't have all these kinds of problems again. I've never had so many problems with a motherboard in my life. I guess that's what I get for going with asus and an nvidia chipset.

Edit: Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum

07-27-10, 06:37 PM
haha, I had this happen before. A computer I built for my brother had a mother board that would burn the ram stick out every 2 months or so.

07-27-10, 07:06 PM
Apparently 750i and 680i motherboards are notorious for it. Especially Asus ones.

07-27-10, 09:20 PM
my 680i hasnt, but this was a much older board.

07-27-10, 11:31 PM
Well at least yours is evga so it at least has a shot and not sucking anything with asus written on it is doomed :p (sorry for anyone who likes asus products but I haven't had a good experience with their products at all)

07-28-10, 05:56 AM
Sounds like someone could use an upgrade (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=152670). :D

Incidentally, I had an Asus P35 board kill my RAM before it decided to off itself. Though I swore I wouldn't use any Asus motherboards again, I did end up buying an M4A785 for my parents as it was cheap and was one of the few boards Newegg had in stock that supported the Athlon II X2 CPU right out of the box. That board has been solid, but the system as a whole has not, and will not, be used for anything other than web surfing, photo organizing, and office use.

07-28-10, 12:04 PM
Damn! I already ordered it. I saw that thread but just assumed it was the whole PC for sale and not all the parts.