View Full Version : need volume panel for creative xfi titanium fatal1ty pro

07-30-10, 06:32 PM
I just sold my card to someone with the dvd driver disk. The problem is that I was sharing that with my brother who has the same card. Although you can pretty much d/l everything for the card on creative's website, there is one thing I need that you can't. The volume panel that sits in the taskbar down by the clock that allows you to view and run your installed programs for the sound card. I find it handy when switching from headphones to speakers on the card instead of desktop links or start menu links. If any can send me the .exe for it or some driver package link with that in it, i would appeciate it.

07-31-10, 06:35 PM
Could try daniels support packs
They are great packs and I found them to be the best for my X-Fi

Or here is his install disc. I use this currently. http://forums.creative.com/t5/Sound-Blaster/SB-X-Fi-PCI-Install-Disc-1-0-unofficial/td-p/556496

Has a custom install so you can select it all, or just the panel app you need. ::):