View Full Version : the wei is messed up for graphics

08-01-10, 04:39 AM
I 1st had a wei score of 7.9 on both desktop and gaming graphics in 2 way sli. As time went on, it downshifted to a 7.7. When I just recently reinstalled windows when I upgraded my mb and gtx 480 2 way to a 3 way sli, I get a 4.2 on the desktop and 5.3 for gaming. Mind you, that was windows doing on it's own. When I manually did the wei, it says that tri-sli gtx 480's score 7.5 on the desktop and gaming end. I mean is ms putting out wei score patches to make it harder for high wei scores? Weird thing is my 980x and ram went from 7.7 to 7.8 without overclocking. I actually have my 1600 ram running at 1333 because the mb wont allow it to run at 1600. It's not the 1st mb that wouldn't allow this.