View Full Version : buying steam games problem

08-01-10, 06:05 AM
I have tried buying just cause 2 dlc (I bought the game retail) on the steampowered site and the steam app itself. Both times I have tried two credit cards and paypal and I am getting rejected. Credit cards say declined although my bank says I never attempted a purchase. And paypal just won't process. I am wondering if the steam app or the steampowered website needs to be localized to Canada where I live for me to buy. Any input would be appreciated.

08-01-10, 07:17 AM
Have you had no problems with those cards before on Steam? I know that recently there was a problem with card declined messages (I got it) and then it was fixed the next day. I'm thinking the same problem is happening here


I had problems buying worms reloaded and the next day it was fine. Maybe wait a day and if it still doesn't work contact steam support they might be able to change your account.