View Full Version : Does Fur-mark represent how hot games will be.

08-03-10, 02:13 AM
I been useing the MSI Kombustor Multi-GPU for testing my overclocks and tempertures witch I never seen it hit 80c ,but when I ran Fur-mark with X-treme Burning mode on ,it would go up to 98c on my first card with the fan at a 100%.Does Fur-mark represent any games that are played today or is it the worst case scenario.

08-03-10, 02:16 AM
Pretty much. I know on my rig, Metro2033 gets the cards as hot as FurMark does. Though saying that, I do seem to remember on my nV cards FurMark would produce more heat than any game would. I could be remembering wrong though.

08-03-10, 03:20 AM
Forget furmark.

08-03-10, 06:12 AM
In my experience Furmark will push your card to much higher temps than you will see in any game.

08-03-10, 08:19 AM
In my experience Furmark will push your card to much higher temps than you will see in any game.
Same, but I've yet to play Metro 2033 as the above commenter stated.

08-03-10, 08:38 AM
it doesn't represent gaming temperature.

08-03-10, 08:40 AM
For my ATi card, Furmark does not represent how hot games would be. As an example when I overclock my 5850 and run furmark I get about 90 C temps. However, even with the overclock and playing Metro 2033 with max details (minus Adv DOF) I get maximum of 82 C tempratures.

08-03-10, 09:30 AM
Furmark is essentially Prime95 for your video card. There are very few applications that are designed to peg your processor at 100%. The same thing goes for your video card. Both programs push your hardware to its limits - the limits the hardware was designed to be able to be used at.

Will any games make your card run that hot? Unlikely, but possible. Fur-mark isn't just turning a knob on your card that says "run as hot as you can".

08-03-10, 10:52 AM
I think it's valuable for gaining piece of mind for overclocks, but little beyond that. Basically as with Prime95 mentioned above, if it's stable in Furmark, it will be for any game you throw at it.

08-03-10, 11:35 AM
Agreed. If it fails a FurMark stress test the chances are it will fail in a long gaming stint. My experience may be different due to the WC, but both FurMark and Metro reached 46*C.

08-04-10, 03:23 AM
They never failed,but they did get hot ,but I cut down my voltage on my cards to 1v instead of 1.087 v and that cooled it down to 86c ,I was running at 800/3900 but I cut it down to 775/3800 and to 1v and that cooled it down quiet a bit and I am not loseing any speed really ,really I could just run it at default .I have not ran a game yet that I really need to overclock my cards.

08-04-10, 03:25 AM
Metro 2033 does heat up my cards pretty well but they maxed out for me at around 90c after an hour of playing whereas Furmark would hit 100c after a few minutes.

08-04-10, 07:53 AM
I only have run the Unigine benchmark and I have never run Fur-mark. After running Uni, my 480 was unbelievably hot. I put my hand near the back exhaust plate and it was like a hair dryer on low. I touched the metal plate and if I left my finger there it would have been singed.

I have a 120MM side fan blowing on the card right by the heat pipes.

Under normal operation, it gets pretty hot but not too crazy. I would think these tools are too stress the card and put it at near max conditions.