View Full Version : Interview with Jens Sch÷bel from Crytek Talking about Stereoscopic 3D

08-03-10, 05:10 PM

Meet Jens Sch÷bel , Technical Designer (and stereoscopic 3D wiz) for Crytek, developers of the upcoming Crysis 2 video game and CryENGINE 3 game engine. Crytek first made headlines in stereoscopic 3D gaming with a demo they did on an iZ3D monitor at GDC 2009. They later demonstrated CryENGINE 3 running in stereoscopic 3D on the big screen at SIGGRAPH 2009. Now Crysis 2 is getting set for release (this November), complete with native stereoscopic 3D support for the PC and Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 consoles. Neil Schneider from MTBS3D began a mystery tour of finding out what Crytek have been cooking in 3D by asking Jens Sch÷bel a lot of interesting questions.

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