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08-05-10, 06:39 AM
Hello guys,

I just bought Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb and it works great... when it boots from it...

My previous card was a ATI 4850 1GB, and that card didn't had any problems.

I have an AMD chipset (790GX/SB750) motherboard and it has onboard graphics (HD3300).

The problem is:

Each time I power on the PC, it either boots from the NVIDIA card, or from the ONBOARD graphics.

And it always goes like that:

#1 boot from NVIDIA (onboard disabled) - then I do a normal shutdown (either from Windows or case button, doesn't matter).
power on again --> #2 boots from onboard (nvidia disabled) shutdown...
#3 boots from NVIDIA (onboard disabled) ...
#4 boots from onboard (nvidia disabled) ...
#5 boots from NVIDIA (onboard disabled) ...
#6 boots from onboard (nvidia disabled) ...
and so on.

So each time I shutdown the PC, the next time I turn it on, it switches the booting VGA and the other card is unavailable.

If I do a full power cycle (completely turn off the PSU/Power for some seconds and turn on), on the exact next boot, it boots always from the nvidia card. After that the same switching-mania happens.

As I said this problem didn't exist in my previous card. The PC always booted from the 4850 and the onboard was completely disabled, always.

I have changed every possible setting in the BIOS and nothing worked.

There is no option to completely disable the onboard VGA, because the motherboard is supposed to do it automatically when a discrete card is in, and it did in the previous cards.

There is however an option to choose the VGA to boot from. The options are PCI, PCI-EXPRESS, ONBOARD. The problem appears when the options are either PCI or PCI-EXPRESS.

In the case of the "onboard" option, it always boots succesfully from the onboard card, but the nvidia card also works, but as a secondary graphics card (hd3300, primary bios+windows, gtx460 windows only)

I am out of ideas, and I don't think that my VGA is faulty, and this is probably an incompatibility issue between the nvidia card and the amd chipset?

When the PC boots from the nvidia card, it works perfectly. I have done multi-hour gaming, benchmarks, everything works great with zero problems. The GPU switching is the only problem.

Note: a simple restart/reboot doesn't switch cards.

The problem is unrelated to Windows or Drivers, because if I shutdown the PC in the bios boot screen (before even loading windows) and then power it on again, it once again switches cards.

It seems to me that the card does not power off properly, with the result to be unavailable on immediate next boot or something like that.

I am asking here, if anyone has experience with nvidia cards on AMD Chipset (probably with onboard graphics). I have already submitted problem reports to motherboard and video card manufacturer, but I think the problem here is some kind of incompatibility.

Anyone has any similar experience?

08-05-10, 07:29 AM
Do you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard?

08-05-10, 10:01 AM
Yes, motherboard has the latest bios. I also tried downgrading the BIOS, but still the same problem.

08-05-10, 04:41 PM
the on board graphics might still be enabled in the bios, and when you boot into widows it takes an additional full power cycle to re-enable everything. then the nvidia driver realizes what's happened and re-asserts itself, requiring an additional reboot before it wakes up. rinse and repeat...

it might be something like that. try to narrow down the problem (is it a hardware issue, is it the amd drivers, is it the nvidia drivers, is the pc suffering from lycanthropy, etc.)

08-05-10, 06:19 PM
As I said, Windows/drivers have nothing to do with. If I shutdown the PC, with the case's power button in the booting screen (bios etc), and then power it on again, it still switches graphics. I can do this all the time without even starting windows. nvidia --> onboard --> nvidia --> onboard etc, just using the cases button. And it seems to always remember the card that will boot as long as the PSU has power. When I cut power from the PSU just for little, the next boot is guaranteed nvidia.

One of the most craziest problems I have seen. I think am soon going to RMA the GTX card, no other solution. And it is a shame because it works great. If it still has problem, I don't know, I'll just sell it somewhere. (I can't exchange with somethine else I think) and forget about nvidia cards with this motherboard.

08-05-10, 09:00 PM
Why not get a motherboard without onboard vga?

08-05-10, 09:06 PM
do you by any chance have another video card to test this system with?

08-05-10, 11:41 PM
the motherboard should have a bios setting or a jumper to disable the onboard video. How about giving us the make and model?

08-06-10, 11:00 AM
As I said, it works fine with my other card (ATI HD4850).

There is no option to explicitly disable onboard graphics. The motherboard is supposed to do it automatically when a discrete card is installed (like it did with 4850).

This is the motherboard: http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=AOD790GX/128M

Anyway I sent the card for RMA, couldn't find any solution. I hope they find a problem and change it, else I'm in trouble.

08-06-10, 11:25 AM
Did you disconnect the SLI/Crossfire power plug on the board as well as make sure the jumper between the PCI-Express slots is set for single GPU?

08-06-10, 11:29 AM
it could be a jumper setting if it's not in the bios

08-06-10, 02:29 PM
@josiahsuarez, There is no jumper,

@saturnotaku, yes, I tried everything, It was a direct upgrade from a working card after all.

I also tried changing pci-e slot, exactly the same problems always.

08-07-10, 09:32 AM
Tearau, you are missing something there...this is not your video card... this is your motherboard that is the fail here. IT is the one choosing to use internal graphics over your nvidia card. The fact that the nvidia card works fine and the motherboard is switching every time you reset simply means something in your motherboard is changing priorities. There IS probably something different with the nvidia card during POST that the ati card didn't do, but this isn't your nvidia cards problem, it is simply your motherboards crappy sensing routine.

08-07-10, 03:10 PM
I have a older pc my nephew uses that does the same thing. Onboard is a NV6150and when I put an Nvidia vga in it boots just fine to the add in NV card without disabling the onboard 6150. If I put in a ATI card it will work just once then the next reboot it goes back to the NV6150 and I have to disable the onboard 6150.

Since your onboard is ATI 3300 and has no problems with a ATI add in VGA without disableing the onboard you have to disable the ATI onboard. I assume you are useing the correct PCIE slot. The manual for your MB says you have to use PCIE2 (Green)

From the manual page 21
If you plan to install only one PCI Express VGA card on this
motherboard, please install it on PCIE2 slot (Green).

There is a setting in your Bios that will change the PCI Bus scanning order while searching for video card. It is under chipset configuration and is called "Primary Graphics Adapter" Default is PCI, change it to PCI Express and see if that works.

From the manual page 62
Primary Graphics Adapter
This item will switch the PCI Bus scanning order while searching for video
card. It allows you to select the type of Primary VGA in case of multiple video
controllers. The default value of this feature is [PCI]. Configuration options:
[PCI], [Onboard] and [PCI Express].

Like others have said this isnt a bad card. Good luck.

08-08-10, 02:53 AM

I said in the first post that I already tried that (actually this was the first thing that I did when I encountered the problem). Primary VGA set to PCI-Express still the same problem and yes always using the main green pci-e x16 slot. (But I also tried the others).

When my PC decides to boot form the onboard VGA, the nvidia card doesn't even initialize. Normally in the first seconds of boot (power-on), the nvidia card slows down the fan speed, but in the case it boots from onboard, the fans works full speed non-stop.

I also observed that the nvidia card shares the same IRQ with the onboard ethernet. I tried disabling ethernet from BIOS, but still no go.

08-08-10, 06:44 PM
irq sharing hasn't been an issue in years.

08-10-10, 09:36 AM
Google found 2 more guys having boot problems similar to mine:



And jeffmd, I know but nvidia managed to change that, interrupt problems with GTX 460 (caused by the too aggressive low power management, so they can be competitive with ati cards):


And when I had the card, I had some strange sound lockups, I seem to be affected by that as well...

It seems that I purchased the most buggy card ever released... Bad time to come back to nvidia...

Gigabyte hasn't answered to me yet, I am trying to get refund for this crap that was released out of desperation by nvidia.

08-10-10, 12:46 PM
obvious troll is obvious