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08-06-10, 06:00 PM
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Personally, I like 3-D in limited cases. For example, I enjoyed watching Toy Story 3 in 3-D for instance. However, the floor exit lighting in the theater interfered with the 3-D effects because the light reflected off the glasses. I was in the middle of the theater, and was not bothered as much, but it did bother other people sitting at the end of the row nearer the floor exit lighting.

Some people are concerned that 2-D to 3-D conversions will sink the 3-D tsunami. But what will sink 3-D, in my opinion, is that Hollywood will put out movies with no storyline, but touting that it is in 3-D. At first, people will pay more to go see a bad 3-D movie, just because it is in 3-D. Afterward they will give up on the whole 3-D experience.

Steve Peterson (http://gamasutra.com/blogs/StevePeterson/20100730/5675/5_Reasons_3D_Display_is_Doomed.php) on Gamasutra.com gives five reasons why 3-D display is doomed. Neil Schneider (http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/NeilSchneider/20100801/5682/Five_Reasons_3D_Display_ISNT_Doomed_A_Rebuttal.php ) rebuts those reasons in his own post. First from Steve:

I think it‚??s doomed to be a mere blip in the sales charts, and here‚??s 5 reasons why:

1. 3D Is Expensive. The new generation of consoles helped catalyze the purchase of HDTVs, and now we ask customers to drop at least $2000 on a new set so they can play 3D titles?

We don‚??t even have complete penetration of HDTV yet, and asking for a major upgrade when the economy is still recovering seems a bit much. Then there are the 3D glasses, which are $150 to $199 a pair right now. Yes, those prices will drop, but it‚??s not going to happen until numbers get very much higher‚?¶ which may not ever happen.

Neil responses with

The Samsung 46‚?≥ 3D Plasma is going for about $1,400 US (Model LN46C750).

via Gamasutra: Steve Peterson‚??s Blog ‚?? 5 Reasons 3D Display is Doomed (http://gamasutra.com/blogs/StevePeterson/20100730/5675/5_Reasons_3D_Display_is_Doomed.php).

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