View Full Version : NF&-S rev2 Optical out port

07-25-03, 07:12 AM
when i received my board the port was a little crooked. on my friends shuttle he has a red light shining out of his optical port. should the optical out on my abit be shining too:confused:

The Baron
07-25-03, 09:22 AM
Well, if the port is enabled, and you take the cap off, yes, there should be a red light coming out.

But don't take off the cap if you're not using it.

07-30-03, 07:30 AM
well i tried it last weekend on a mates 5.1 sony amp and his mp3 recorder. and no joy. no light from the port either. so i returned the board to overclockers.co.uk on monday morning. i had also noticed that i was missing a cable (the box wasnt sealed when i received it). i hope the sods return a brand new sealed package to me by the weekend. :(