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07-25-03, 07:26 AM
I have just purchased a Soltek FRN2-L board(nforce2 400 ultra), and i wanted to flash the bios from 1.1 to 1.4.(needed
Barton support). I made a MS-DOS disk in WinXP, copied
the awdflash.exe and the bios file to the disk(i
checked it for errors twice in windows) and booted
from the floppy.

I ran awdflash as specified in the manual, and the
flashing process started but after writing&verifying 3
times it just stopped, giving a weird sound from the
floppy drive. I suspect the floppy disk has failed

Is there a way to exit the awdflash program so i can
try again without rebooting, or anything else i can
do?(i assume rebooting is a really bad idea).

I have a "screenshot" of it here:

I hope it can be recovered ...

PS: I also posted this at www.nforcershq.com, i know thats a bad(TM) thing to do, but time is pretty important here, i cant leave the computer on forever...

07-25-03, 07:42 AM
Before you flashed, did you make sure to reset your system to either optimized or failsafe defaults? Because if you were overclocking then tried to flash that could create no end of problems.

07-25-03, 07:50 AM
I wasnt overclocking, in fact my mem was underclocked, FSB/RAM running at 333Mhz synch.

But i had set those manually in the BIOS.

My manual says nothing about loading optimized defaults before flashing(only that it should be done afterwards), and for some reason i just followed those directions....

07-25-03, 11:46 AM
If you haven't powered off or resetted yet, try the old DOS break command.

Hold CTRL and tap BREAK a few times.

CTRL+C is another DOS breaking command.

If you get returned to a DOS prompt, go to another machine with a new floppy disk, redownload the BIOS update and Flasher to it, and then try it again. Your floppy drive might be fine - just a bad floppy disk.

If you don't get dropped to a DOS prompt after issuing the break command, you're screwed! You'll either have to do the old "hot-flash" technique or RMA the board.

I must say that's a small BIOS EERPOM for an nForce2 board. We Abit NF7 users have like 5 rows of those bars that get flashed instead of 2 rows. :p

The Baron
07-25-03, 11:52 AM
A possibility:

Abit boards have a special block at the end of the BIOS that will allow you to read a BIOS file from a floppy if the rest of it fails. Perhaps the Soltek one does as well.

07-25-03, 05:09 PM
As for attempts to exit the program i already tried the break key several times, and in combination with a variety of control keys, as well as Ctrl-C but thanks anyway.

I already have a new floppy disk prepared with the bios etc, the manual doesnt mention any backup bootblocks but ill try anyway.

The store i bought it in just told me to attempt a reboot and if it failed, ship it back to them.

Tomorrow ill let you know if it helped.

07-27-03, 04:39 AM
Nothing helped :(

I've take my computer apart, and tomorrow ill ship the mobo back to the store and let them handle it.