View Full Version : Kane & Lynch Dead Men freezes

08-09-10, 12:43 PM
Since the new Kane & Lynch game is coming out next, I decided to try the first one to see what its all about. I installed the game from my Steam Eidos Collection. When I tried to play the game, it would freeze every 2 seconds. One solution online said to disable all the HID devices in device manager, but that didnt help much.Any ideas?

08-09-10, 03:12 PM
Try an old keyboard and mouse, unplug the rest, just to be sure.

08-09-10, 06:05 PM
I also just played through Dead Men. I didn't have any issues with about 6 or 7 HID devices connected but it sure did heat up my GPU like no other. Over 100c I ended up using as much AA and AF I could to slow it down and quit out every now and then. Hope that helps.

trivium nate
08-09-10, 08:12 PM
yeah it runs crappy for me to even though through steam i did the verify all files thing and re downloaded it and still messed up

08-10-10, 12:05 PM
I just played this in the last few weeks too. I had to disable the HID thingies to get the stuttering to stop. It worked for me.
Disables the volume control on my usb headset and the keyboard special functions like volume up and down etc.