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08-10-10, 09:40 PM
NVIDIA has updated the PhysX fluid Demo to The demo is basically a demo to show off PhysX based water or the more technical term, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). This is a great little program( less than 20MB) that can be used to quickly test out a new PhysX setup such as a dedicated PhysX card or a Hybrid ATI and NVIDIA PhysX setup. Using a simple toggle you can easily switch between Hardware(GPU) and Software(CPU) PhysX to not only to see if your dedicated PhysX card is working but to also see how a GPU helps improves PhysX performance. When I am installing a new PhysX setup I always install this program along with PhysX FluidMark to make sure everything is up and running properly.

You can download the demo here from the NVIDIA Power Pack page (http://www.nvidia.com/content/graphicsplus/us/download.asp) and in the event that it is not working PhysXinfo.com (http://physxinfo.com/news/) always has the latest PhysX Files. You can download it here (http://physxfiles.com/fluid_demo_1.0.1.3.msi).


Fluids: Technology Demo
The primary purpose of the NVIDIA® PhysX? technology Fluid Demo is to illustrate Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). The demo contains two different scenes, the Outdoor and the Logo Scene.

Outdoor Scene
This scene showcases SPH fluid flooding an outdoor area. As soon as the demo is started, a flood occurs and interacts with a stack of rigid bodies. Switch from dark water to clear water, to oil, or just show the real nature of fluids: spheres.

New Updates to

Updates in this release:

1. Allocate only 64MB of VRAM heap instead of 128MB
2. Adjusted text output to not conflict with the PhysX Visual Indicator
3. Added option to toggle the display of all text (in screen space) on/off.

If you have never seen this demo before the below video from NVIDIA shows the demo in action.

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