View Full Version : GTX 460 now or wait

08-12-10, 08:14 AM
I am looking to upgrade my graphics card from a GeForce gt 210 to a GeForce GTX 460. I have a budget of around $250 and no not have the board or PSU to go SLI right now so 460 seems like the right card for me. Looking to hook up tower to TV as HD media player and occasional gaming. I know TVs are not as good as monitors for gaming but this is just until I can build a dedicated system for media and this one (frankintower) would go to personal gaming.

ANYWAY, just wanted other opinions one if I should go for the 460 now and SLI it later in the Gaming rig, or wait for the rumored 450/455/490 since the 465/470/480 all use the less efficient GF100 architecture and the 450/455/490 would have the GF104 architecture like the gtx 460. Thanks for you input.

08-12-10, 08:28 AM
The GTX 460 is the card to get at that price point. Don't even hesitate, especially if you're only running a 210 right now.