View Full Version : new intel ssd's coming later this year-25nm nand flash

08-16-10, 10:00 AM

08-16-10, 10:40 AM
:thumbsup: Hopefully with the bigger drives coming out the smaller sizes drop in price. :)

08-16-10, 01:31 PM
Welcome to last week (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=2300756&postcount=166) ;)

I'll probably just get the 600GB drive this time around. Simply because of TRIM. RAIDing two 300s would probably be faster overall but it's not really about bandwidth when it comes to a system disk.
Hope Intel will keep up with the competition when it comes to write speeds. Then I see no need for RAID anyway.

The lack of TRIM is causing some slowdowns to your system? I've been using two X25 80GB G1 for over a year in Raid 0, and up to now, i have noticed zero slowdowns in real life and benchies.

Normally a system disk does not need the extra bandwidth, but i noticed that more and more applications caches data and very large files in the c:\User\...\Application Data\...Roaming directories. Products from Roxio, CyberLink, Microsoft to name a few is storing temps files there. Using the W7 performance tools, i see tons of heavy disk access while using my favorite apps.

It makes me think that bandwidth on the C:\ drive is more important after all.

08-16-10, 02:53 PM
Well there is no noticeable performance loss in normal day to day usage but benchmarks are slower now compared to last summer.
It's no big deal but I'd like to have TRIM anyway. I really hope the G3s will perform similar to the Sandforce equipped drives. You don't really need more bandwidth than that.

Hmm, i need all the bandwidth i can have for less than 1000$. I think Intel will be able to compete with Sandforce, they were/are still king in IOPS, so I think they are well aware of what is going on with the competition. I doubt they will come up with some half baked products (as the early Sandforce drives).