View Full Version : Had a weird rattle

08-21-10, 03:51 AM
I've been getting a weird rattle out of my normally quite case recently so I pulled the cover of to investigate (and clean the filter). The rattle was definitely coming from the CPU cooler (stock 1055t CPU cooler from AMD) so I popped the fan off the heat sink as the fan wasn't vibrating ( more cleaning too) and this is what I found:


It was just rattling around in that recessed area of the hot zone.


I guess it's part of the retention bracket? Weird that it just came loose as I have never pulled the fan off of the heat sink before or the heat sink itself since assembling this system.

I wonder if this will affect my cooling though as this must have been in there for a purpose, like for added tension for the CPU clip. Does anyone know right off hand? I'm still searching for good info/pictures of the stock cooler's retaining clip piece(s)