View Full Version : GTX 480 randomly not detected

08-21-10, 06:03 AM
the last two days my 480 has not shown or shall i say activated on power on.

I noticed no display showed on my dvi input so i had to switch to my 9600 which i use for physx connected with HDMI, and the 480 was not showing in devices in windows. the fan was spinning on the 480 so there was power going to it.

i have not played around inside my pc for months so nothing should have come lose. so i changed the PCI-e power connections on my PSU to the two spares and the 480 showed up. Then i put the power cables back into the original PSU outputs i used and it was fine again. last night I turned the pc on again and again the 480 didnt show so turned it off again. This morning i turn it on again and now the 480 was showing again

im at loss on what is going on! WTF???

anyone know?

thanks in advance!

EDIT: had the same happen again in the second row of power slots on psu today

so its either, mobo, GPU or PSU ???

08-21-10, 06:39 AM
It'll save confusion having just one thread about this, wysiwyg :)


08-21-10, 12:24 PM
yeah sorry mate, i thought maybe i get more ideas here than the other one