View Full Version : A New Website Dedicated to Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Videos

08-22-10, 06:00 PM
There is now a new website called 3Dizzy that is dedicated to providing stereoscopic 3D gameplay videos that can give you an idea on how well a game looks and performs in stereo 3D mode. Currently the website has stereoscopic 3D gaming videos recorded from the following games: Lost Planet 2: Benchmark, Street Fighter 4, Burnout Paradise, Avatar: The Game, Dark Void, Heroes of Might & Magic V ‚?? Tribes of the East, Metro 2033, Prince of Persia, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum. The stereo 3D gaming videos are available both in YouTube 3D as well as in a downloadable format with higher quality, so you can take a look at the videos online and then decide to download them or not. The 3D videos are recorded with FRAPS and are available in Side by Side format. Also I want to remind you that you can also record your own 3D gameplay videos with the help of FRAPS and you are more than welcome to share them here in the Forum (http://3dvision-blog.com/forum/).

- To visit the 3Dizzy website for stereo 3D gaming videos‚?¶ (http://www.3dizzy.com/3D3.html)

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