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08-23-10, 08:00 AM

August is almost over and apparently we are not going to see the Nvidia 3DTV Play software available as previously expected, but now the Nvidia guys are talking about a September release date to journalists, so the wait is almost over. According to Pocket-lint Nvidia told them that:

Nvidia‚??s 3DTV Play software will be available as a standalone product for around ¬£30, with the software available for now to existing Nvidia 3D vision kit owners. It will also be bundled in with all kits sold from the date of its release, which we were told will be September.

Personally I‚??m a bit disappointed because of the recent long waits after the official product announcements for both Fermi, 3D Vision Surround and now the 3DTV Play. Actually I would‚??ve preferred to get a late product announcement soon followed by the actual product than to have an early announcement and wait for months for the products. Waiting for too long just gets your hopes higher and higher with every passing day and after that when you finally get the actual product you expect it to be much better than it actually is and this way comes the actual disappointment. I‚??ve already seen the 3DTV Play software in action on a short demonstration and I liked it, but I‚??m pretty sure that when it finally becomes available there will be more things to be desired despite the long wait. For example HDMI 1.4a support which added a few more features to the S3D specs in the format as apparently the initial 3DTV Play software release will only support HDMI 1.4 specs as reported by some people that also had the chance to play with the software during some demos. Hopefully in September we‚??ll all finally have a good reason (hopefully) to get a new 3D HDTV for playing PC games in stereo 3D mode on a big screen as with the current level of 3D content available for 3D HDTV owners they still do not seem that attractive.

- To read about Engadget‚??s first hand experience with the 3DTV Play software‚?¶ (http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/20/a-first-hand-look-at-nvidia-3dtv-play-and-powerdvd-3d/)
- To read about Pocket-lint‚??s first hand experience with the 3DTV Play software‚?¶ (http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/35078/nvidia-3d-in-living-room)

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09-27-10, 12:50 PM
Now that we're nearing the end of September, has the release date slipped further?