View Full Version : where to find 420 go drivers for laptop

07-26-03, 12:37 PM
I cannot find the drivers for the laptop on nvidias website. and sony does not offer latest drivers. is there a way I can download the newest drivers? I have tried the latest detonator drivers but have not had any luck getting them to iinstall.

07-26-03, 01:23 PM
You may want to try these if you have 2000/XP


Or look around on www.guru3d.com and see if they have what you need.

07-26-03, 02:18 PM
If your laptop's native resolution is not 1400x1050, you can easily install any new driver. Download the ones you want and extract them to a folder (can be done via a right-click in Winzip or WinRAR). Go into device manager, hardware and select your display adapter. Select properties, then update driver.

Point the wizard to the nv4_disp.inf file in the folder where you extracted the drivers. If you have a GeForce4 420 Go, choose "NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420" from the list. Ignore any warning messages, reboot when prompted and you're done.

Now if you're laptop's native resolution is 1400x1050, you would have to hack the .inf file to add support for this resolution. Since I've never had to do that (my screen is 1600x1200) I couldn't tell you how.

07-29-03, 08:57 AM
Thanks for the help.. i now have delta force black hawk down playable on my laptop... (sony fr130)