View Full Version : Upgrade laptop to windows 7?

08-28-10, 03:54 PM
My laptop is the following:

HP Compaq CQ50 106CA
AMD Turion Dual Core RM70- 2.0GHZ
Nvidia 8200m G (Dxva capable)
32-bit Windows Home premium

I use this laptop mostly as a media player connected to my HDTV, streaming videos that are stored on a desktop computer. It's not the fastest laptop for HD playback but it is dxva capable (even runs with that Nvidai. However, I often have playback issues with HD videos, even though I have all the correct codecs, Media player classic, etc. I've fiddled around a lot, and don't feel like fiddling around more. Even with upgrading video drivers, the issues don't go away 100%, and I have a hunch if I upgrade to win7 it might help.

Is this a good idea?

08-28-10, 10:22 PM
Those turions are pretty meh. I would think Upgrading to Windows 7 would help a little bit. I would suggest only running necessary processes. I'm not too familiar with the 8200m and its HD playback though.