View Full Version : Dungeon Siege AA on an FX

07-26-03, 06:50 PM
I just jumped to an FX 5600, and I can't get the game to run with AA/AF on, it won't even load. I tried the 44.03 and 44.71s. With the 44.03s, I couldn't even load up the game, but with the 44.71s the game would load up, but it wouldn't load a level...

Anyone else had issues with this? If you can run DS with AA, what drivers are you using?

Game ran fine with my Ti4200 with the same drivers with AA on or off...

07-28-03, 10:35 PM
DS works on my Ti4200 with 43.45 (yeh been a while since I last tested new drivers) up to 8xS AA and 8x AF (laggy but beautiful).

07-28-03, 10:37 PM
ya, worked just fine on my GF4 Ti, but after the move to the FX card, I can't use AA...